Hotheads Testimonials

I rely on Hotheads as my 'Go To' brand for tape extensions at Voga Salon. The top things I love about the brand is that the hair quality is top notch! The amount of hair on each weft is unmatched by other brands. With 80% of my clientele wearing extensions, I am always confident that I have access to a color with Hotheads that will blend and integrate the natural hair into the extensions hair. My favorites are the rooted blondes and colormelt colors! The adhesive is the best on the market! It releases from the hair with no tackiness or any discomfort to the client. I recommend them to everyone!

- Ashlee Laya | Voga Salon | Overland Park, KS

I love Hothead extensions for a variety of reasons! They are quick to apply and easy to remove. The stylist can use a few pieces to achieve the look their guest is wanting. They are very time efficient and cost efficient for the stylist as well as the guest! Stylists can reuse the extensions more than once! Hotheads have also helped my guests hair grow quicker and leaves their hair healthy. I also love how you can achieve any look whether it is for body and thickness or long and luxurious!

- Sarah Smith | Stem Hair & Body Salon | Lenexa, KS

Hotheads are hands down my favorite hair extensions. They are non-damaging, great quality hair, reusable, and dependable. The medical grade adhesive used on the tabs has no other competition, and I trust only them to guarantee the hair will not slip out. I am huge fan of how easily someone can get a self-esteem boost by adding in a few packs for length and volume, without breaking the bank. Seriously, that’s the best part of my job is seeing someone love how they look.

I love that these extensions are a semi-commitment! Since they are reusable, clients that are on a budget and want them to last, sometimes will apply them for the fall to look fantastic during the holidays, and then leave them out for the hot summer.

From weddings to making an ex jealous, Hotheads are a fast, affordable, reliable way to rock some beautiful hair.

- Becky Gertenbach | The Beauty Store Salon & Spa | Austin, TX

Hotheads tape and extensions has allowed me to expand on my existing extension clientele by offering another option for clients to lengthen and thicken their natural hair! Appealing to all natural hair thickness and textures of hair, that makes Hotheads my go to system! I love how their colors blend naturally and the tape adhesive is durable for maintaining, while leaving no sticky residue in the natural hair! Hotheads is just another tool for me as a hairdresser to meet my clients needs and for them to achieve the hair they’ve always desired!

- Leslie Kubas | Lulu's Salon | Overland Park, KS

I think Hotheads are the number one extensions because they are not damaging to the hair at all. I've seen the effects of what other extensions do to the hair and how damaging it is. I have clients that have been using Hotheads consistently for over four years now and there is no damaging side-effects from Hotheads extensions at all. The hair lasts so long and even when it is time to get new hair it is still shiny and soft. I also love how easy it is to put in the hair and to take the hair out. I will never use any other brand.

- Jodalyn Gadwood | Bella Vita Salon | Leavenworth, KS

I have been a Hotheads Extension specialist for almost 6 years now. I've tried many other tape in extension lines over the years and I have to say nothing compares to Hotheads!

What I love most is the quality of the hair and the actual tape itself. With a wide range of colors and lengths, it's easy to find the perfect extension without having to apply additional color. The extensions have beautiful texture and shine to compliment natural hair, and they are easily brushed and styled. The tape is extremely thin and flexible and lies flat to the head, leaving no added bulk.

What every extension client desires is to have their look as natural as possible, as if it's their own. I can confidently say this line does just that!

- Adrienne Redman | The Luxxe Look | Dallas, TX