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Achieving the model perfect, photoshoot looks your customers want is the focus behind KEVIN.MURPHY education. Basic, intermediate and advanced class formats with a variety of unique techniques are highlights of Kevin’s innovative approach and experience.


Save The Date - A one-on-one with KEVIN.MURPHY November 6-7, 2016


November 6-7, 2016 | Last Vegas, NV
More Information to come.

Learn how to use our high performance product range from legendary editorial artists who are on runways and in magazine around the world.

This education program 'Stairway to Kevin' includes basic and advanced classes, along with advanced educations shows and demonstrations. The 'Stairway' effect works in the following order. You must learn the basic techniques before advancing to the next class. The styles you learn in each class change every Spring and Fall with the ever-changing trends, so do not be afraid to take a class again!


Time: 2 hours
Be well versed in the Three Core Principles of KEVIN.MURPHY, product cocktailing/layering suggestions, understanding the culture and passion behind the creation of the brand and how to comfortably recommend product to your clients, therefore increasing loyalty and driving your business forward.

Time: 2 hours
This is the first technical session(s) from our menu of classes. There are a number of looks in our BLOW.DRY collection and each will feature a product or range of products to go with the look being shown. These simple effective blow-dried looks are the classical foundation of the technical journey and important for understanding how to successfully manipulate hair with a brush, a comb and dryer.

Time: 2 hours
Understand the KEVIN.MURPHY tool range and styling kits to create on trend hair and gain an understanding of THE.CLASSICS. This class is for those who want to explore our tools and product cocktailing suggestions to obtain a new finish.

Time: Full or Half Day
Participants of this class will leave with a better understanding of how to work smarter rather than harder in their every day approach to client friendly hairstyles. They will understand modern setting technique and increase their knowledge and confidence of dressing the hairstyle. One to two looks from the current KEVIN.MURPHY collection will be showcased to show the audience what is trending in today’s hairstyles for clients.


Time: 2 hours
Become more aware of the steps you’re taking to perfect the client’s experience in the salon and how managing moments of truth in combination with articulating product recommendation helps build experience, which leads to client loyalty. Can only be taught by STYLE.MASTERS and above.

Time: 2-3 hours
Stylists will leave with a deeper appreciation for the KEVIN.MURPHY brand and learn information that will inspire them in their salon, in building stronger client relationships that lead to greater client loyalty. Through innovative hair styling, the stylist will gain an understanding of how to use our range to inspire them and their clients.

Time: Full or Half Day Hands-On Workshop
Stylists will learn about the fundamentals of KEVIN.MURPHY styling and product usage, gain a stronger understanding of advanced finishing techniques. Stylists will get an insider’s view to manipulating the hair and product to create the ultimate finish in this advanced level Hands-On class.

Time: Full Day
Stylists will leave feeling armed with both the skills and sample looks to their next photo session and have a deeper understanding of how KEVIN.MURPHY products can perform in unconventional ways to achieve an editorial finish.

Time: 2 Days available by special request only
The stylist will leave feeling empowered after spending two days in the studio creating and producing their own photo session. They will leave with a final product; their photograph and an extraordinary amount of knowledge in setting up and preparing for their next photo shoot opportunity.

Time: Full Day Includes Scissors
Stylists will leave reignited with a passion for a new cutting approach leaving them feeling motivated to try new techniques with a new tool to help them create today’s most sought after haircuts. They will learn how to cut to the curve of the head, control and harness the natural texture of the hair and learn a new way to layer hair with precision and free form techniques. NOTE: Classes exceeding more than 10 attendees will result in needing an additional educator. Please consult with your Sales manager and Education Coordinator when selling 11 or more tickets.

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