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Alfaparf Milano

We Do It Our Way.

A bottle of shampoo, a tube of color. These aren’t just simple hair products to us at Alfaparf Milano. They are also beautiful stories of expression. We want to create things that have never existed before, and we want to think differently. Our products begin with crazy ideas. Then, we create formulas, test, IMPROVE, and produce. Each step is important to the process before we reach perfection. Our process is a mix of experience, creativity, and a good amount of Italian taste.

Alfaparf Milano Pigments
Semi Di Lino Cellula Madre
Colorwear by Alfparf Milano

We Do It Everywhere.

Alfaparf Milano was born in Italy. Since our beginning, we have dreamed big. Above all, we wanted to turn what we love into a real business. Now, more than 35 years later, everything still begins in Italy, and we still dream big. Due to these big dreams and creative thinking, we are the #1 Italian brand in the salon industry worldwide.

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Precious Nature Hair Color
The Hair Supporters by Alfparf Milano
rEvolution NEON - #TurnMeNEON
Precious Nature Color Behind The Scenes

We Do it For Professionals

Above all, every product we create is dedicated to Hair Professionals. They are certainly passionate and smart people. Because they deserve the best from us, we support them in many ways. First, we give the best in our products, and we also offer ongoing education. The classes teach a method, not just a service. We inspire stylists to create beauty with custom methods. Additionally, our techniques have been mastered through the years to deliver the best.

We Create Color.

Every color tells a story of craftsmanship and excellence. We start with good quality raw materials. Then, we add an Italian sense of style. Last, we add constant research, because learning is the basis of excellence. As a result, we offer a love of beauty and unique color.

We Provide Care.

Here at Alfaparf Milano, we are also provide care for our clients. We focus on making treatments that are good for the hair, but each service should also be a pleasant for the client. The process to beautiful hair should be comfortable, so we focus on the client.

We Build Style.

From cut to color, hair is another way to express personality. As a result, our products help create styles so people can make a statement with hair. Because looks always have a story to tell, our products showcase the true self.

*Alfaparf Milano is available in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Indiana and Illinois.