Profound & Professional Hair Extensions

For clients, our products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. For stylists, this has completely evolved their extension business. shop now
Hotheads Hair Extensions

Simple. Fast. Extraordinary.

Hotheads Extensions can give clients a full head of hair in one hour or less using JUST a clip and a comb! Hotheads Hair Extensions are designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. They also provide damage-free volume, length, highlights, and dynamic color! The extensions are manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact. This allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will also get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application without damaging their natural hair.

The Band by Hotheads Hair Extensions
Hotheads Hair Extensions Wetline
Hotheads Hair Extensions Reds

The Trust Is In The Tape.

The Hotheads Hair Extension system uses a medical grade adhesive, so tabs blend seamlessly into the hair. They are also smooth to the touch, creating a natural look. These tabs provide a water-tight cradle that is damage-free and leaves no residue.

Hotheads hair Extensions Tape Tabs

No heat.

No Tools.

No Damage.

*Hotheads hair Extensions is available in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and parts of Indiana and Illinois.