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Our Message

Leyton House’s mission is to fuel creativity, share knowledge, and enhance passion for hairdressers. In order to fulfill this mission, Leyton House has a dedicated team of highly trained and professional educators worldwide. Their job is to ensure hairdressers are kept up to date with the latest technologies, techniques and trends. They also offer tailor-made training programs for every level of hairdressing.Whether helping hairdressers discover the principles of color, or inspiring them to push creative limits, our classes meet the needs of hairdressers everywhere.


Silk Renewal Compex

Silk Renewal Complex combines the best from nature and technology.

Developed in our labs in Italy, it provides excellent results that are both gentle and healthy for the hair. Our color range also contains this plant-based formula. By using Silk Renewal Complex, color is more intense, luscious, and vibrant.

Our Renewal Complex contains bees wax, natural moisturizers, vegetable extract, green tea, rice and milk proteins, as well as cashmere protein. As a result, hair is stronger, conditioned, and restored after use. The Silk Technology contains Silk Amino Acids and Hydrolysed Silk in order to repair hair and restore the structure. Pearl Extract also adds shine for a radiant result, while Keratin Protein strengthens while also coloring hair. Finally, a UV Filter provides ongoing protection for your client’s hair.

Rejuvenation Complex

Our Couture Care line was carefully crafted to meet the needs of the professional hairstylist and their clients.

Couture Care is reinforced with Rejuvenation Complex, a Leyton House speciality formula. Not only is it a powerful formula, but it also does not contain ingredients that harm the hair and earth.

Rejuvenation Complex is packed with quality ingredients. First, Date Palm fruit extract adds volume, curl retention and anti-aging care. Rose of Jericho follows for smoothing and moisturizing, and last, Silk Amino Acids for strength and color care.

Sulphate, Silicone & Paraben Free

Couture Care products are Silicone, Sulphate, and Paraben FREE! We do not believe in hurting the hair to make it beautiful.


Leyton House does not believe in testing products on animals. We are also official members of the PETA organization Beauty Without Bunnies.

Sustainable & Renewable

We are socially conscious of our planet, so we are proud to utilize renewable energy sources. We are committed to the world’s environment.

*Leyton House is available in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.