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Eufora was founded in 1997 by Don and Beth Bewley in San Diego California. A young couple in their 30's with two small children, leaving everything they had, to start something they believed in for an industry they believe in. Together they began creating hair care products exclusively for salons with a mission to be everything a hairdresser needs.

Eufora is still a privately held manufacturer of professional beauty products and programs designed to serve salons and grooming lounges. As a mighty lifestyle brand, Eufora offers a full complement of product options in salon hair care and hair color. Because Eufora hairdresser owned, it is committed to providing an education platform that ensures excellence and engages customers at both a creative and a business level.

    Eufora Distribution Area
    Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin & Texas
    *Purchase of Eufora open stock items only available with prior purchase of Eufora Intro.

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Eufora - HERO Classic Pomade


  • Aloe Vera: rejuvenates for skin health.
  • Licorice Root Extract: anti-inflammatory to reduce flaking.
  • Coenzyme q10: protects against harmful free radicals and environmental factors.
  • Biotinoyl Tiptide-1, Apigenin, Oleonolic Acid: slows early hair loss, strengthens the follicle, enhances anchoring of hair strands to scalp
  • Neem Seed Oil: antibacterial to stimulate the scalp and clear imperfections.
  • 5-Alpha Avocuta: controls sebum protection, reducing greasiness
  • Glycerin: anti-humectant to control frizz.

Eufora - Color Revive - New formula. New Application. New Opportunity.

COLOR REVIVE! - New formula. New Application. New Opportunity.

*Arriving in June

Keep your client's tresses looking fresh between salon visits with these color enhancing take-home treatments. Brunettes and reds can keep their hair rich and vibrant while blondes can brigthen and remove brassiness!

  • Drives color deep into the hair shaft for increased intesity, vibrancy, and shine
  • Provides superb conditioning
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Promotes healthy hair by nourishing the hair follicle and preventing sebum clogging
  • Improves weak and brittle hair
  • Soothes and nourishes the scalp
  • Provides an aromatherapy experience

Be a part of Eufora and master the Salon Experience like never before.

Included in Eufora’s ongoing education is an in-depth look at Eufora’s Eight Essential Steps to Financial Success. Developed by Eufora founder Don Bewley, this award-winning strategy is proven to boost salon professionalism, priorities, and profit potential!

Warm and Friendly Greeting

Warm and Friendly Greeting.

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The Dry Consultation.

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Rejuvenating Scalp Massage.

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Precision Cut.

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Great Finish.

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Guest Consultation.

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Completing The Service.

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Book In Advance.