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Only Hotheads Extensions can give the client a full head of hair in one hour or less using JUST a clip and a comb! The goal was to create a product for the salon professional that was simple, fast, and extraordinary. Hotheads Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle in tact allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application without damaging the clients natural hair. Hotheads is an extraordinary revolution to the hair industry. For clients, these products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. For stylists, this has completely evolved their extension business. NO HEAT, NO TOOLS, NO DAMAGE!

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    MO, OK, KS, AR, TN, KY, TX, IA, NE, WI, MN, and parts of IN, and IL


This tablet is uniquely designed with 5 rows for optimal organization. The acrylic material is lightweight and allows extensions to adhere easily.



Hotheads Maintenance Tips

Hotheads Do's and Don'ts

Use these best practices to achieve the ultimate hair extension experience!


  • DO install on clean, clarified hair only and in appropriately sized, precise sections.
  • DO recommend Hotheads Clean Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner to maintain the quality of hair.
  • DO use Micro Strands if narrower tabs are needed
  • DON'T install extensions too close to the scalp to avoid causing tension on the natural hair, and potentially causing scabbing.
  • DON'T try to remove the original tape. After enough time for the Remove Solvent to dry, put a new tape over the previous tape.
  • DON'T apply Remove Solvent directly on tabs—this may affect the hair on the tab. Apply it on the client’s natural hair, allowing it to travel down & seep between the two tabs.


  • DO use Hotheads Clean Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner, formulated specifically for Hotheads Extensions.
  • DO wear a low ponytail or braid when swimming, exercising and sleeping. See page9 for Cordies—a no snag, no pull hair-holding option.
  • DO use a dry shampoo to increase the longevity of the bond, but do not spray dry shampoo or styling products directly onto the bonds.
  • DON'T wash, condition or use styling products until 24–48 hours after application.
  • DON'T brush the hair too hard or use hot tools at too high of a temperature (350 degrees max).
  • DON'T swim in the ocean or pool without first applying a conditioner an inch or two below the tape.

Download a printable PDF of extension tips for clients HERE! Send this home with new extension clients to help keep their extensions looking and feeling great!



Clients and stylists alike often think "hair extensions" implies full-head extenison–a bigger ticket item complete with an investment, planning, and a consultation. That's not always the case!


KEEP ONE FANTASY PACK ON HAND. While clients are in your chair, try suggesting a pop of color in about 5 minutes for just $20! Not only can you add revenue to each service–that ONE color stripe can be a gateway to a full head of extensions, and a whole slew of new color, cut, and extension clients through word-of-mouth advertising!


Hotheads Prom Pop

Infuse prom updos or bridesmaid styles with dress-coordinating pops of color!
During prom and bridal season, promote the service with mirror talkers or advertise on social media and in high schools, colleges, and bridal magazines. Hold a Teen Trend night and hand out gift certificates. Offer a few FREE colorful extensions to trendsetters if they tag your salon on social media.

Talk to your Salon Consultant about ways to get the conversation started and see an example HERE!



Hotheads Sports Pop

Never underestimate team spirit.
Whether high school, college, or professional sports fanatics, women and teens coming into the salon prior to heading to a game are eager to show off their spirit and not everyone wants to paint their face. (Try this for holiday colors too!)

Promote the service on mirror talkers and create fun contests on social media where fans from opposing teams post their spirited selfies to see which color/team has the most fans!

Talk to your Salon Consultant about generating hype with social media campaigns and see an example HERE!



Hotheads Trend Pop

Use extensions to quickly and easily create colorful, fade-free trends!
Many current trends involve pops of color, but require commitment and can result in damage, especially for dark-haired beauties. Deliver the look without the damage by using extensions as the ultimate accessory.

Demonstrate the potential with beofre and afters on social media and keep a digital look book on an iPad at your station to encourage that impulse buy.


"For me, Hotheads is a no-brainer when it comes to boosting the economy of a salon.
Not only are they affordable, efficient, easy to care for, and simple to remove, they are for everybody and every size of salon! As a salon owner, I like that I can give my clients the option of longer hair, and I recognize how much of a confidence booster Hotheads can be for people who may be lacking volume and density. I used Hotheads just yesterday to create an inverted bob on a girl with shorter hair and she’s already received tons of compliments.

Hotheads are time-savers, resulting in additional revenue. I don’t have to block out the whole afternoon for a client’s extensions and can even double-book—I can apply a color on one client while a junior stylist prepares another client’s hair for Hotheads. Then I can apply Hotheads while the color processes on my first client. Talk about efficiency!"

Salon Owner at Inviktus, Hotheads Educator


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