usmooth is a brand built upon the same dedication and integrity you witness every day at Salon Service Group. This range of high performance, multifunctional products was created to support the salon professional and is brought to you by the founder of Salon Service Group, Gino Barbo. The vision of usmooth is to provide result driven, genuinely priced, luxury salon products.

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    Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota & parts of Illinois and Indiana

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About the ucare Foundation

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See Master Stylist Jamie Ploof walk you through a sexy, lived-in style using Boost Liquid Powder.

  • Apply at root for instant volume
  • Apply roots to ends to add all-over texture

Giving Back to the Stylist Community

In 2009, Gino Barbo created usmooth as a way to give back to the stylist community. He began by developing top-tier, luxury products at an unexpected price for you and your clients.

He continued to give back by establishing the ucare Foundation, which exclusively supports stylists who may need help due to unforseen medical conditions or emergency financial situations.

Whether it's for you or your clients, 2% of EVERY purchase is placed into the ucare Foundation. Thanks to stylists like you, ucare has donated over $155,000 to hairdressers in need.

The U-Care Foundation

"I would like to take this opportunity to share something I want to accomplish with you through Salon Service Group and usmooth.

You have all been a huge part of our success at Salon Service Group. On behalf of myself, my family, and the staff at Salon Service Group and usmooth, we have created the ucare Foundation.

Our industry is brimming with a diverse group of talented, imaginative, and compassionate people. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for each and every one of you.

The ucare Foundation is our way of giving that compassion back to those that may need help due to unforeseen medical conditions, emergency financial assistance, or similar circumstances. It's our way of giving back to those that have give so much to us. Going forward, 2% of all usmooth sales will fund the ucare Foundation.

Thank you so much for your continued support."

-Gino Barbo