What is ColorProof BioRepair-8?

ColorProof is a leader of sulfate-free color care, but now also has a solution to combat the effects of hair loss. Many people think hair loss is a male issue, but 40% of American women have from thinning hair. BioRepair-8 is an anti-aging scalp and hair system for either gender. Each product in the regimen targets the four main causes of hair loss.

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Step 1: Deep Clean and Exfoliate

First, begin the treatment with the BioRepair-8 Anti-Thinning Shampoo. This creates the optimal environment for hair growth by exfoliating the scalp. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids also gently remove sebum build-up and dead skin cells. Next, use the Scalp Exfoliating Brush in thinner areas to stimulate the scalp.

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ColorProof BioRepair-8 How To 1

Step 2: Nourish and Thicken

The BioRepair-8 Anti-Thinning Condition adds supersonic volume, strength, and health while also protecting hair color.  Biotin and copper peptides repair the tissue responsible for anchoring new hair growth.

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ColorProof BioRepair-8 How To 2

Step 3: 24-Hour Treatment

BioRepair-8 Stem Cell Scalp Serum helps to repair scalp health. Add a few drops of the leave-in serum to restore the follicle. Then, massage it into the scalp. The serum contains biotin, copper peptides, and 8 DHT blockers for 24 hour age-repair. Use at home twice a day on damp or dry hair for best results, so be sure to send the clients home with some products!

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ColorProof BioRepair-8 How To 3

Philip Wilson, ColorProof’s International Artistic Director, demonstrates the three step process and shows amazing hair before and afters.

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