Wellness Workshop

Join us for 8 sessions with beauty & wellness coach Sandy Thinnes! See the class schedule below!

Accident Waiver & Release of Liability

Accident_Waiver_Release_of Liability_Form_Sandy_Thinnes

Class Schedule

Session 1
The Beauty FLOW Method Introduction
Introduction to Sandy & Method Overview

Session 2
Finding Your Way
Exploring values, beliefs, & life priorities


Session 3: Monday, April 19th 1pm CST
Letting Go
Breakdown of brain function, cognitive distortions, mindset shifts, & the science of meditation

Session 4: Monday, April 26th 1pm CST
The Fundamentals of Meditation
Body Scan Meditation

Session 5: Monday, May 3rd 1pm CST
Opting for Better Choices
The science of the microbiome & the gut-mind-skin axis.

Session 6: Monday, May 10th 1pm CST
Opting for Better Choices
Best eating solutions for work, life, & beyond

Session 7: Monday, May 17th 1pm CST
Meditation for Anxiety & Feelings of Unrest
Breathwork Meditation

Session 8: Monday, May 24th 1pm CST
Winning Self-Care Rituals & Program Recap
The self-care spectrum & what can make a REAL impact


Worksheet 1: The Beauty FLOW Method Awareness & Values Assessment
Bring info to Session 2: Finding Your Why on 4/12

The Beauty FLOW Method Awareness + Values Assessment

Worksheet 2: Program Goals (for session 3)
_Program Goals_ The Beauty FLOW Method_

Worksheet 3: Finding Your Why (for session 3)
Find Your Why_ The Beauty FLOW Method

Worksheet 4: Beauty FLOW Journal (for session 4)
Beauty Flow Journal (1)

Worksheet 5: Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition Plate

Worksheet 6: Grocery Guide

Grocery Guide_ The Beauty FLOW Method

Worksheet 7: Beauty FLOW Product Guide

SSG_2021_Beauty FLow Product Guide

About Sandy

Sandy is a 20 year professional Makeup Artist in Chicago. She’s honed her technical skills & industry know-how together forming her passion & current life/profession as a Beauty + Wellness Coach. With more than 10 years in corporate education as the Midwest Regional Trainer for MAC Cosmetics, she’s trained over 700 artists on techniques, artistry, & industry trends. During her tenure at MAC, she learned many great lessons, though none more important than the fact that the secret to beauty isn’t found in a bottle. Beauty is an inside job!

To that end, since her previous corporate life, she has become a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She’s also been Certified as a Mindset Coach & Meditation Guide from the Thought Transformation Institute.

Established over two decades, her expertise combines an integrative approach of mindset & self-connection, nutrition, & lifestyle, and conscious self-care beauty practices to help educate & lead people to look & feel their absolute best. Possibly even defying age along the way.