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Achieving the model perfect, photoshoot looks your customers want is the focus behind KEVIN.MURPHY education. Basic, intermediate and advanced class formats with a variety of unique techniques are highlights of Kevin’s innovative approach and experience.


Time: Half Day
Experience the concept and performance of COLOR.ME through an informative and interactive hands-on session conducted by the salon on live models with assistance from a COLOR.MASTER or COLOR.KEY.

OUTCOMES: Understanding the COLOR.ME philosophy, technology, hair diagnosis and colour fundamentals. Knowing the COLOR.ME product portfolio and getting familiar with the usage. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Salons interested in learning more about COLOR.ME before committing to implementing the line in their salon.


Time: Full or Half Day
Our Introductory class off ering a fundamental overview of colour and how it works. Class topics include philosophy, hair diagnosis, COLOR.ME points of difference and the complete product portfolio.
Minimum Attendees: 8 | Maximum Attendees: 20

OUTCOMES: Amplifying your COLOR.ME skills and competencies such as diagnosis, consultation, color wheel, deciding on formulas and exact reflects to utilise for best results.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: All colourists new to COLOR.ME or new to colour

Time: 3 hours
A visual consultation tool for personalised hair colour featuring premium fringes in our most desired shades designed exclusively for COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. Featuring a carefully curated collection of the most sought-after shades, our FRINGE.BENEFITS captures a variety of depths and reflects in warm, cool and natural tones and offers a representation of our various colour categories. And with the limitless playfulness and intermixability of COLOR.ME, you don’t have to limit yourself to just ten shades. FRINGE.BENEFITS makes it easy to think outside the box and create personalised colour formulas for your client.
Minimum Attendees: 8 | Maximum Attendees: 20

OUTCOMES: Deeper understanding of Skin tone diagnosis, suitability and refined consultation skills.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: All hair colorists seeking better understanding of skin tone and suitability


COLOR.ME 2.0 '17
Time: Half Day or Full Day
An advanced class offering in-depth knowledge from initial consultation to colour correction, designed to further your technical skills, address challenges and deliver the best results possible. Topics include diagnosis, consultation, choosing colour, advanced colouration, troubleshooting
and more.
Minimum Attendees: 8 | Maximum Attendees: 20

OUTCOMES: Advanced color knowledge, color correction and advanced grey coverage and have completed FOUNDATION class.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Colourists who have completed the FOUNDATION class.

Time: 4 hours
Utilising fundamental freehand techniques, this collection introduces you to FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER and illustrates the ease and simplicity behind gorgeous, lit-from-within colour. And delivering natural, easy to maintain colour with invisible new growth, FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER offers practical applications that can be used in the salon every day.
Minimum Attendees: 8 | Maximum Attendees: 20

OUTCOMES: Stylists will learn advanced Braiding craft and extend their skill portfolio.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Colourists wanting to advance their freehand painting/ Balayage skills.

Time: 4 hours
Your exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to our current COLOR.ME campaign, our TECHNIQUES class shares the skills you need to recreate high impact commercial looks in the salon.
Minimum Attendees: 8 | Maximum Attendees: 20

OUTCOMES: Colourists will learn our COLOR.ME 2017 collection trends and commercial colour techniques.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Colourists seeking inspiration behind the chair

Time: Full Day
Mastering bespoke colour formulation. Colouring hair is visual and limitless. COLOR.ME LAB is a class for colourists who want to bring theory into practice. In this class you will work individually and as a team to conduct and analyze nu-merous colour tests on hair wefts and swatches. You will reveal underlying pigment and witness the results of counteracting and enhancing tones. Class participants will have the chance to compare different formulas used for similar hair colour situations and will explore the limitless playfulness of COLOR.ME.

OUTCOMES: Higher understanding of COLOR.ME technically and practically.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Colourists who have attended the COLOR.ME Foundation and Advanced classes and want to expand their hair colouring experiences and confidence.


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