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Achieving the model perfect, photoshoot looks your customers want is the focus behind KEVIN.MURPHY education. Basic, intermediate and advanced class formats with a variety of unique techniques are highlights of Kevin’s innovative approach and experience.


The exciting world of editorial styling and runway shows has never been more attainable for you and your clients with the courses on offer from KEVIN.MURPHY. A brand known for its high-performance products and modern approach to styling hair, KEVIN.MURPHY can show you the latest trends inspired by high fashion from around the world.

This is your opportunity to learn from North America's finest artists; the latest cutting and styling collections from the world's most innovative brand.

Bring our brand to life inside your salon. We've created inspiring visual tools for an engaging experience that will build client loyalty and appeal while generating a positive overall impact on your team and salon.

-Kevin Murphy


Time: 3 hours
LEARN.ME is the most important class a salon will ever see. It is an exclusive tour into everything that KEVIN.MURPHY stands for. Classes that center around products usually become just that; a class about products. LEARN.ME is, most importantly, about under-standing who we are and how and why this makes our product so unique. The culture, core principles and philosophies behind KEVIN.MURPHY are imperative for salons who have decided to partner with KEVIN.MURPHY. We believe that discussion on product is more than the liquid in the bottle. It’s in our stories, culture and history!

OUTCOMES: Be well versed in the Three Core Principles of KEVIN.MURPHY, product cocktailing / layering suggestions, understanding the culture and passion behind the creation of the brand and how to comfortably recommend product to your clients, therefore increasing loyalty and driving your business forward.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists with a basic understanding of the product range who are looking to enhance their styling services and have completed LEARN.ME.

Time: 3-4 hours
There are certain looks that will always remain signature to KEVIN.MURPHY styling. This class will help you understand the KEVIN.MURPHY tool range and styling products to create hair and signature looks of KEVIN.MURPHY. This class is for those who want to explore our tools and product cocktailing suggestions. You will leave with a better understanding of the KEVIN.MURPHY approach to hairstyles and explore modern set-ting techniques and fast up dos by using KEVIN.MURPHY SEWING.KITS, CURLERS and WAVE.CLIPS.

OUTCOMES: Understand the KEVIN.MURPHY tool range and styling products to create on trend hair and gain an understanding of THE CLASSICS. This class is for those who want to explore our tools and product cocktailing suggestions to obtain a new finish.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists with a basic understanding of the product range who are looking to enhance their styling services and have completed LEARN.ME..

BLOW.DRY 1 & 2
Time: 1/2 - Full Day
The blow dry is an essential part of the KEVIN.MURPHY philosophy of how to create great hair. This course will teach stylists how to prepare and execute finished looks whether blow drying for volume, smoothness, texture or any combination of these finishes on multiple lengths of hair. We will focus on the blow dry techniques using the range of products and tools that are necessary to master looks from Kevin’s campaigns. In this class, you will learn the foundations of the blow dry and the importance of clean sectioning and product choice. You will explore the Ten Commandments of a perfect finish.

OUTCOMES: Stylists will know how to prepare and execute finished looks whether blow drying for volume, smoothness, texture or any combination of these finishes.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists with a basic understanding of the product range who are looking to explore blow drying techniques that will allow them to work smarter instead of harder and who are looking to advance their blow dry techniques and provide the ultimate finish to the hair.

I.DOO '17 (NEW - Fall 2017)
Time: Full Day
In this class you will learn to create bridal hairstyles the KEVIN.MURPHY way. Our valuable salon clients look to us for not just daily advice with their hair, they also look to us to create beautiful wearable hairstyles for their big day. I.DOO provides the opportunity for you to break away from the safe and obvious by motivating you to create great bridal hair with a fashion edge by using the perfect products from start to finish. We will teach you different techniques to take your bridal looks to the next level and create long lasting, beautiful wedding hair for not just the bride, but also her entire bridal party. You will learn new skills inspired from session styling that you will be able to take into your salon stitching and braiding to create vintage styles, bohemian and classically inspired looks. Learn how to take wearable fashion looks into beautiful wedding hair!

OUTCOMES: Stylists will learn new techniques using the best products to create long lasting looks. You will learn how to work with the different client requests and help them achieve that extraordinary look for their big day. Stylists will use their own creativity to create fashionable wedding hair and explore how to incorporate enhancements such as flowers, veils and tulle.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Any stylist looking to build confidence in working with wedding clientele.


Time: Full Day
Staying true to its name, COVERS will help you learn techniques to achieve sophisticated magazine styling and create ‘cover quality’ hair. Nowadays more than ever clients are inspired by the same iconic cover and editorial hair as us and we need to deliver this to them every time! Become a master by learning everything from setting, how to control hair, back brushing and molding techniques. Gain an insider’s view to manipulating the hair and the product needed to create the ultimate finish seen in editorials around the world.

OUTCOMES: Stylists will explore modern texture and curl and learn how to create them. Gain a strong understanding of advanced finishing techniques and learn how to use product to create the ultimate finish. You will leave the class with 4 editorial looks including down and up hair.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Passionate Stylists who would like to recreate editorial styling. Enhance your learning by completing the TOOL.BOX and BLOW.DRY 1 and 2 course before attending this class..

BRAID.ME '17 (Fall 2017)
Time: Full Day
Braiding has been a trademark for many years and it has now made way into editorial styling, the runways and magazines. It has become a centre piece of fashion. This class is a fantastic opportunity to learn the braiding can be used in any daily styling you do or more creatively if you dare. Warm up your fingers as those will be your powerful tool in this class.

OUTCOMES: Stylists will learn the Braiding craft and extend their skill portfolio.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Passionate stylists with a desire to create new, modern hair with


Time: 3 hours
The KEVIN.MURPHY team are directing and creating hair on numerous shows every season for Fashion Weeks in Melbourne, Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, and Tallin. Prêt-à-porter to haute couture.
The KEVIN MURPHY SESSION.MASTERS and STYLE.MASTERS are bringing a selective choice of looks from these fashion weeks runway shows to a stage near you! Let us take you out of your salon environment for a moment and place you at a fashion show where you get to see how the KEVIN.MURPHY products and tools are helping designers to create their vision in hair suitable for their collection.
FASHION.WEEK trend report gives you an insight on what the most prestigous and coolest designers are doing and what trends they create. Sit back and let the fashion week runway show come to you.

OUTCOMES: Stylists will leave feeling inspired and up to date with the latest catwalk trends in both fashion design and hair.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists who are interested in the latest trends and desire to know how the KEVINMURPHY product range performs in its natural environment – fashion styling.

Time: 2 Days
Prepare to be inspired! Every picture you see in a fashion magazine tells a story. It’s not a story that the reader necessarily sees with his or her own eyes. It’s the story of a creative team working to create a single moment in time. That is the world of the session stylist and for KEVIN.MURPHY it is a world full of inspiration and expression where a single moment can inspire an idea that will translate into a product. The photo shoot is the optimum stage to express your creativity and individu-ality as a hairdresser and SHOOT.ME will give you the tools you need to execute your single moment to be captured on film. This 2-day workshop will involve working with every single staff member required to pull off a shoot. You will create mood boards to discuss with the photographer, the make up artist and the wardrobe stylist to help achieve your results. This class is a great experience for anyone wanting to experience the world of editorial shooting!

OUTCOMES: The stylist will leave feeling empowered after spending two days in the studio creating and producing their own photo session. They will leave with a final product; their photograph and a extraordinary amount of knowledge in setting up and preparing for their next photo shoot opportunity.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists wanting to pursue a career in the editorial world or stylists looking to gain some advanced experience in the elements of a photo shoot. It is highly recommended the stylist attend COVERS before attending this workshop

Time: 3 hours
Inspiration comes in many different forms. The STYLE.MASTER, CUTTING.MASTER and COLOR.MASTER, core members of Kevin’s creative team at KEVIN.MURPHY and COLOR.ME, brings a customizable experience to your audience in an effort to leave them inspired to reach new heights in their careers as hairdressers. The demonstration will focus on our cul-ture and brand philosophy through innovative styling techniques, colour demonstration and cutting teasers. This 90 minute event is suitable for everyone who is interested in KEVIN.MURPHY education and products. For an audience between 40-300 people. This is an education cocktail best ser-ved after work!

OUTCOMES: Stylists will leave with a deeper level of inspiration with the KEVIN.MURPHY brand. The stylists will have a clear understanding of how to adapt today’s fashion styles to their clients in the salon. The

STYLE.MASTER, CUTTING.MASTER and/or COLOR.MASTER will showcase various styling techniques, colour techniques and cutting. You will gain a better understanding of how to use our range of products in new and fresh way.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists ranging from those who are new to the KEVIN.MURPHY brand to veteran supporters of KEVIN.MURPHY who are seeking the next level of inspiration in the world of hairdressing.


Time: Half Day or Full Day
Cutting a true straight line is never as easy as it seems. A fundamental experience with a straight scissor that is inspired by the KEVIN.MURPHY philosophy of cutting hair. Great for a new stylist or anyone craving an update or anyone that trains salon team members. Learn to renew your skills in body position, projection and sectioning to strengthen your hair cutting expertise. The CUT.ME STRAIGHT.EDGE techniques will expand your proficiency and open your eyes to a new approach to precision cutting. You will learn technical proficiency, parting and sectioning and understand how natural texture affects the result and movement of hair. Gain exposure to cutting with purpose.

OUTCOMES: Learn to refine your skills in body position, projection, and sectioning. The purpose of this course is to strengthen the foundation of your approach and your skill to produce quality haircuts with a straight scissor.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists who are looking to enhance their skill level in hair cutting with a straight scissor. This class is the perfect foundation before entering the CUT.ME CURVED class.

Time: Half Day or Full Day
The demand for mens grooming is becoming increasingly important. The K.MEN’S cutting program offers a diversity of classic techniques related to the traditional style of barbering. Learn how to master the core elements of these timeless looks in order to create a per-sonal style. We will be showcasing all the relevant techniques & tools needed to understand these fundamental principles of men’s cutting.
Related to street culture & fashion, we also offer you an insight behind our men’s campaign. Focusing on the needs of the style conscious man, to an array of KEVIN.MURPHY inspired looks. You will learn a variety of haircuts & understand how length, shape & proportion are the most valuable ingredients for successfully esta-blishing a great mens cut.

OUTCOMES: Become more skilled in the approach and tech-nique involved in today’s fashion hairstyles. This course offers
a blend of barbering and fashion hairstyling to make you more confident with your male clientele.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Hairdressers and/or barbers look-ing to increase their skill level in barbering and fresh haircutting concepts to enhance the service they give to their male clientele in the salon.


Time: Half Day or Full Day
Enter the age of the cutter! More and more, people are exploring different shapes and textures to lead what’s happening in fashion. Engage in a full-day interactive workshop using the KEVIN.MURPHY CURVED.SCISSORS. This tool was specifically designed in a curved manner to cut more movement and shape into the hair at the same time; therefore saving you a lot of time behind the chair. This new CURVED.SCISSORS from KEVIN.MURPHY is the centerpiece of this course that is focused on the hair’s natural movement. You will emerge with a clear understanding of the infinite possibilities of line form and texture. A blend of precision and free form techniques that will revolutionise the way you think about haircutting. Sharpen your mind and come armed with your creativity!

OUTCOMES: Learn how to cut to the curve of the head and understand the natural texture and movement of hair. Understand precision and free-form styling, building on your existing hair layering skills.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists who want to push the boundaries of hair cutting techniques.

CUT.ME COLOR '17 (Fall 2017)
Time: 2 Days (Day 1: CUT.ME CURVED | Day 2: COLOR.ME)
If you love fashionable beautiful colours as much as you love to learn and explore the KEVIN.MURPHY CUT.ME CURVED looks, you have come to the right class. This is a technique-based class that will allow you to explore the infinite possibilities of line, form, texture and shape in cutting colour techniques that go beautifully with the cuts. Create beautiful wash and wear hair with on-trend color, shapes and design.
The KEVIN.MURPHY CURVED.SCISSORS are designed to increase movement into the hair using precision and free form techniques. The same philosophy will also apply for the colour techniques in this class. The first day you will learn the CUT.ME CURVED looks and using the same mannequins, you will work with the COLOR.ME techniques the second day.

OUTCOMES: Learn how to cut to the curve of the head and understand the natural texture and movement of hair. Understand precision and free-form styling, building on your existing hair-layering skills combined with COLOR.ME techniques and recipes.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists who want to push the
boundaries of hair cutting and colour techniques.

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