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Education is the cornerstone to a successful company. Keune strives to produce the highest quality trainers through their Artisan Training program and continuing education opportunities. Stylists and colorists who participate in the Kune training programs are provided the highest caliber learning opportunities in an environment developed for the sole purpose of educating Keune Clientele.

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Intro to Keune Color: Choices. Cover. Success.
Opaque to Translucent…Keune Tinta Color provides exceptional gray coverage, stunning blondes, and intense visual reds! Color is visible and personal, just like the choice of clothes, make-up, and jewelry. Working with Keune color products, in combination of the proper application techniques, is the basis of success. This course provides the information from basic to advanced, in the application of Keune color lines.

Tinta Color: Cover. Create. Captivate.
No grey areas…Tinta Color provides 100% grey coverage 100% of the time when formulated properly, with outstanding condition and shine. Shades include cool matte colors, bolder reds, rich blondes and browns and there's a Natural Plus family for more grey cover options. If you're a new or current user and you want the latest ideas and inspiration, save the date. The class also includes an introduction to Super Ash Blonde colors, high-lift shades that provide maximum lift with superior toning.

Semi Color: Refresh. Restore. Renew.
Semi Color satisfies your need for a limitless color palette with sheds that leave hair silky and shiny! If you're a new or current user and you want the latest ideas and inspiration, on how to refresh client's haircolor, restore hair's natural luster, and renew your enthusiasm of coloring hair again - you don't want to miss this class. Learn all you need to know about Keune's non-ammonia, demi-permanent haircolor, Semi Color!

The Art of Reds and Blondes- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
*BLONDE*Teach underlying pigment at every level, in order to obtain the correct formulation for all shades of blonde. From the darkest level 6 to the palest of high lift blondes, coinciding with proper choice of developer in order to achieve perfect tonality. Proper uses of lighteners and high lift color series including toners and pasteling. Cool Blondes! Learn the secret of stunning Keune blondes. Sizzling Blondes to Creamy Caramels. Lightening effects from the medulla to the cortex to the cuticle - impact visual interpretation of color to the eye.
*RED*Learn the secret of stunning Keune redheads. Vibrant Copper - Radiant Red - promised & delivered. The secret to creating reds that last is to understand underlying pigments. Once a technician has full understanding how to use underlying pigments, he can create beautiful colors that have stability.

Fundamentals of Hair: Hair...from the Inside out
Eight decades of groundbreaking research with proteins, amino acids and pH has led Keune to revolutionary discoveries, including being the first Dutch manufacturer of perms, mousses and gels. Gain a clearer understanding of the hair structure and discover the effects product ingredients have on specific hair types. Develop a greater appreciation of product performance and learn how to make more effective recommendations. Science made simple.

Haircolor Collection: Design. Care Line. Blend. So Pure.
Keune haircare provides four different lines to inspire stylists and clients alike. Combining unparalleled chemistry, Keune haircare lines repair, strengthen and transform hair from the inside out. Each line is unique for solving clients' hair challenges while supporting the individual style. From essential minerals for scalp and hair to 100% essential oils even products whose stylers have the same fragrance when blended, these are products that deliver what they promise! In this class, you'll discover how each Keune haircare line can make a difference in your business - retail, chemical services and backbar. You'll learn how each brand performs and the main points of difference in each to best suit the needs of your clients.

Fundamental Color
Successful salon services start with a core understanding of color fundamentals, which when applied, can enrich and simplify our lives. This class will guide you throughout he Fundamentals of Haircolor, so that you can enrich your color foundation with the knowledge to increase your confidence and apply your skill to everyday color services. You'll explore fundamentals, Keune Color brands, and more.

Color Correction- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Realistic choices from unrealistic expectations. When the client's choice seems impossible, turn their desires into unlimited possibilities. What is a corrective process? Understanding underlying pigmentation that can support any color at a particular level is the key. Add pigmentation to hair that is too light or remove pigment from hair that is too dark. Both combine to a greater understanding of the corrective process. Changing tonal value and recreate believable color using corrective products, applications and processes.

Foiling Fundamentals- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Create movement without altering the hair cut! Understand contour and contrast and how light and the absence of light create movement and shapes within hair designs. Modern highlighting is an intricate art and this class takes you light years ahead. You'll explore the three lines of color placement -- horizontal, vertical and diagonal -- and see how each creates movement in hair. Choose product, placement and patterns to meet any need. Bring your highlighting skills to new heights!

Grey Hair Challenges- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Boomers to Gen-X, no one escapes! Creative techniques, precise formulation and convincing dialogue for every client. Gentle persuasions to complete coverage. 100% grey coverage 100% of the time -- utilizing all formulations and techniques to ensure complete success.

Advanced Color Techniques- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Broaden your horizons and expand your client base when you learn highlighting, lowlighting, block & panel techniques and multidemensional formulation in this high-energy class. Discover the secret to accomplish high-res color on low-res hair. Learn the when, why, where and how to create dynamic color that will guarantee you retention and referals. This class will tap into your creative imagination and allow you to achieve beautiful fashion forward looks on your existing clientele without having to spend a lot of extra money on outside advertising.

Design Fundamentals- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Keune's fundamental approach to hair design explores the intricate art of design from the foundation to the finish. Once you've experienced this start-up session, you'll be able to quickly analyze and assess your client's hair, re-create any cut and shape and clearly communicate the steps you've taken to achieve your desired design.

Trend Design
This class unlocks the innovation and inspiration behind Keune's trend collection! Be inspired by the trends in their pure form while focusing on creating adaptable and wearable styles from the trends with modern techniques and tools. Learn to maximize the use of your shears, razors and texturizing tools!

Texture Fundamentals:Texture 21st Century style!
Sharper placement, straightening systems and redirection are the new WAVE! Explore chemistry and the process, from releasing curl and building body to adding profit. A definite uplift for your texture services! Explores Texture, permanent wave chemistry and straighteners.

Keune Man Collection: Fortify. Hydrate. Combat.
The growing trend in the beauty industry is within men's grooming services. Men's services represent the greatest potential growth opportunity in the salon industry and a profitable addition to any salon's client base. This class explores the potential added revenue the male clientele offers, as well as an in-depth look into the solutions Keune provides men in areas of haircare, styling and even color!

Creating Today's Man- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Discover how to create unique looks for today's men using various cutting tools. Clipper conservative to Rock Star cool, and everything in between! You will learn how to design the best looks for your men. Become empowered and confident with understanding "male-speak" for better communication with your male clientele.

The Art of Business- Taught by Specialist Keune Artison
Your business is an extension of you and made up of many personalities that give it a LIFE of its own. Working with The Art of Business and partnering with Keune Haircosmetics is the key to your success. The Art of Business is a unique approach to business strategies. Each Section is designed to custom blend to suit your individual salon needs in addition to personal growth for each service provider.