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Customize Your Salon with Kaemark

Salon Service Group and Kaemark have formed a partnership to meet all your salon needs. If your salon is in need of a complete overhaul, or just a minor facelift, Kaemark has you covered!


Kaemark is proud to be a privately owned, family centered business. Their personal involvement and local artisans make them unique. Since 1972 they have built 1-on-1 relationships of trust with everyone they partner with.

Gilbert and Dorothy Krause, descendants of the early German settlers who came to Giddings, Texas (60 miles east of Austin) in the late 1800's founded Kaemark Salon Furnishings in 1972. Mr. Krause established Kaemark's reputation for durability and caring customer service; and in 2000 sold Kaemark to Howard Owen, Jeff Owen and Ben Peterson. With their continued leadership and focus on exceeding customer expectations, Kaemark has become the largest U.S. manufacturer of beauty salon equipment and piece goods that are available through our nation's largest and most trusted beauty distributors.

Kaemark is committed to innovative ways of serving an ever changing marketplace.  With more focused product offerings, excellent and precision salon furnishings that will create a great salon experience for you and your client's.


Kaemark Custom has the most seasoned custom artisans - with a small town work ethic (Giddings, Texas Pop 4,500) and state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing technology that allows them to build your custom salon in half the time.

Kaemark is located in Giddings, TX, a small farming and ranching town comprised of 4,500 people; a community with old fashion values, and a strong work ethic. The average tenure of a Kaemark artisan is now 25+ years. Since the purchase by the Owen's in 2000 employment has nearly tripled with minimal turnover. What does that mean for you? Each quality chair and cabinet you purchase benefits from over 100 years of hands-on craftsmanship by artisans who care. Kaemark utilizes the finest quality of materials... high-grade industrial strength cabinetry materials, such as piano hinges and steel drawer glides. Kaemark chairs are made of 7-ply board (where most manufacturers use 5-ply), high-density foam and the heaviest steel gauge base for guaranteeing years of comfort and un-matched durability. Kaemark professionals take great pride in the quality design and outstanding craftsmanship found in each piece of equipment.

To start your custom journey with Kaemark and Salon Service Group, contact your Salon Consultant.

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